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Legislative bills in Japan, inconsistency in laws, legislation in Japan, legislative measures, judicial review of unconstitutional legislation, interpretation of laws, hierarchy of laws, lex posterior derogat priori, general law, special law, lex specialis derogat generali, mutatis mutandis, delegation provision, interpretative provision, effective date, retroactive application, transitional measures.


Today’s society has become incredibly complex and internationalized; science and technology are advancing remarkably; the people’s awareness and understanding of their rights is also changing. According to these changes, a large number of laws are being enacted in each country, with their contents becoming more and more complicated. Consequently, inconsistency in laws has become a realistic risk and has a negative impact on the rule of law. This paper provides an overview of drafting legislative bills in Japan, in particular the legislative measures to avoid inconsistency in laws.

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1. This paper is based on the presentation delivered on Jan. 27, 2022, at the Virtual Seminar organized by the Japan International Cooperation Organization (JICA) and the Director-General of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Indonesia.

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9. Act for Establishment of the Cabinet Legislation Bureau

10. Cabinet Act

11. Diet Act

12. Legislative Bureau of the House Act

13. National Diet Library Act

14. These concepts “high-context culture” and “low-context culture” are referenced by the American anthropologist Edward T. Hall in his 1976 book Beyond Culture.

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